Patosha Jeffery Report
Scouting Service

The Patosha Jeffery Report scouting service is dedicated to servicing the nation's collegiate basketball programs by identifying potential student athletes around Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas.

The Patosha Jeffery Report is available to all colleges and accommodates NCAA Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA, NJCAA and small colleges. The service is a NCAA Certified and Approved Scouting Service.

Issues of the report will be emailed and will provide information on freshman through senior players. It will include a watch list of middle school players and an unsigned seniors report.

Covered fall, winter, spring and summer events - Include, but not limited to the Patosha Jeffery's Fall Exposure League, Pre-Season Show Off Camp, and Spring Exposure League; Girl Powher Showcase's Tennessee Turkey Jamm and Magic City Showdown; and other area play days and tournaments.

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Subscription: $275

2012 Fall/Winter Event Coverage
Patosha Jeffery's Fall Exposure League
Patosha Jeffery's Pre-Season Show Off Camp
Southwind Play Day
MLK Tournament
Tennessee Turkey Jamm
Magic Citi Showdown
Collierville DragonFire Tournament

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Patosha Jeffery, or 901-634-4785